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10kV, 50A Pulser Unit

Comprehensive Support

  • Full service agreements

    • Direct support – Feedback within 24 hours

    • Hardware support, which includes repairs

    • Technical, Applications and field service support

  • Development and applications support

    • Software issue review and recommendation

    • Remote sessions using customer preferred tools

    • Software development services for bug fixes

  • Replacements, spares and repairs

    • Replacement and repairs of all primary modules in your given system

Press Releases

Reedholm Systems Announces Integrated Wide Band Gap Test Systems

Sept-29, 2016, Georgetown, TX – Reedholm Systems announces that the Company has expanded its Wide Band Gap (WBG) test systems line with the addition of selected probe stations, test fixtures, thermal systems, software, and in-line metrology from third party suppliers providing ‘one stop-shopping’ to satisfy power semiconductor test system requirements. Reedholm Systems also announces the appointment of E-Test Reps as its worldwide sales and technical support representative providing a full range of pre and post-sales support and service.

About the WBG Market

The power semiconductor market is expected to grow by $6B in the next 5 to 7 years, with more than $2B of this growth to come directly from WBG devices. The use of SiC and GaN materials (and others) is leading the way to market growth through vastly greater device efficiency. Through the Power America initiative, the US Government is providing grant funding, enabling the purchase of $100MM or more in fab and related test tools, driving production and achieving volume in the WBG market.

About Reedholm Systems

Founded in 1983 as Reedholm Instruments in Ohio, and relocated to Georgetown/Austin TX in 1991, Reedholm Systems is one of the pioneers of automated test systems to the Wide Band Gap market, with systems in use all over the world. Also available are industry proven systems for PCM and reliability test requirements which are in use at silicon and compound semiconductor fabs throughout the world. New and fully refurbished systems are available, as are comprehensive support and service agreements.

About E Test Reps

Founded in 2013, E Test Reps is a Georgetown TX sales and technical support organization specializing in integrating all elements of semiconductor test systems.


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e-mail: info@reedholm.com

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