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Our Story

Since 1983, we have focused on DC test systems used by semiconductor manufacturers to make measurements on electrical test structures. Because of the broad application of test structures, our test systems help assure quality and reliability in process development, wafer acceptance testing, and reliability evaluation. In addition, manufacturers of integrated sensors, GaAs circuits, CCDs, and discrete transistors find our systems to be very cost effective for final test applications.

Many of our customers are in specialized markets – sensors, GaAs, analog circuits, and discrete devices. A common factor among them is that decision makers consider the full economic impact of their decisions. Another is that requirements are clearly defined with proof of performance a condition of purchase.

Core Capabilities

Our proprietary memory-mapped instruments and switching matrix modules span microvolts to 2kV and femtoamps to 5A. Because of that range, and because we complement existing instruments with new designs, we have been able to put together systems for the latest digital technologies as well as high power analog circuits and transistors. In addition, we have configured high capacity custom systems for reliability studies and have replaced home-built and obsolete test systems that are difficult to maintain. Most importantly, our systems are fully supported and ready for effective use on the day they are installed.

In addition to providing a wide range of instruments, we enhance performance with proprietary software. At the lowest level, instrument drivers control instrumentation and switching matrices without latency delays and uncertainties incurred by most instrumentation software. At the highest level, data driven applications software eliminates the need to turn device engineers into programmers. If one of our standard systems does not address specific needs, we adapt the hardware and software tools, or design new ones, as needed.

Since a test system is only as good as the signals from the device under test (DUT) interface, we provide software and hardware tools for characterization out to the DUT. These tools eliminate much of the guesswork when results are not what was expected.

Reducing the Cost of Parametric Test

For the past ten years, we have been surveying users about the cost of parametric testing. As a result, we know that our users run, on the average per week, twice as many wafers than are put through HP/Agilent testers and three times as many than go through Keithley testers. Despite the higher throughput, our users typically collect 50% more critical parameters than other testers. Combined, Reedholm customers gather 4X to 5X more operational data.

When translated to value, our testers offer quality measurements and faster results at a fraction of the price of other systems. Our data driven software reduces the overhead costs associated with parametric test and allows device engineers to focus on processing issues instead of software. Furthermore, our product development philosophy doesn′t result in planned obsolescence. Our customers maintain their investment by upgrading their instruments and software to the latest supported versions. They aren′t forced into buying new systems to receive support. On a running cost basis, high volume fabs could save >$1M/year by converting to our testers.

Comprehensive Reliability Testing

For fast wafer level reliability testing, we developed failure mechanism specific test structures and the test algorithms needed to make them effective tools. We scale the structures to design rules for simple and complex processes.

For packaged structures or slow wafer level testing, we deliver the measurement precision of parametric test systems and guaranteed uniformity of stress. Sample sizes can vary from 8 to 46 DUT for oxide, interconnect, and transistor evaluations. Because we started in this field working with advanced semiconductor processing labs, test methods and quality of results are unequaled.


We support hundreds of systems being used by semiconductor manufacturers of all sizes. Small companies realize how dependent they are on receiving good support since they are only buying one system. Large companies value the expertise we bring to addressing their specific technical needs.

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