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Support Notes ECRs

Support notes contain information useful in maintaining, troubleshooting, and supporting Reedholm test systems.

The notes cover both hardware and software and usually contain supplemental information to that found in the system manuals.

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ECR reports for fixing problems and adding features to Reedholm systems, both software and hardware. The reports include completed (closed), cancelled, and still pending (open) ECRs. The revision indicates the version level the listed product must be at for it to include the change. Also, many of the reports contain workarounds.


Keeping Current Engineering Services

Because Reedholm systems are so reliable and durable, working life extends well beyond the market life of competitive offerings. Several Reedholm customers keep 20 year old systems working at state-of-the art performance. All they have had to do is make a few hardware and software upgrades that cost a small fraction of what it would take to buy a new system.

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Engineering services are available for a variety of needs:

Onsite troubleshooting of software and/or hardware issues.
Onsite calibration of instrumentation.
Application support for resolving test and correlation issues, both at Reedholm and onsite.
Custom engineering of instrumentation, test routines, data manipulation, user interfaces, etc.
Test system specification and development for new and/or exotic test needs.

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Training classes empower full utilization of Reedholm systems. Hardware and software are covered in depth for those responsible for testing and system operation. Maintenance classes concentrate on calibration and identification of defective assemblies to minimize downtime.

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