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Hardware Repairs (Systems, Instrumentation, Cabling, etc.)

Repairs are either warranty or non-warranty, and either type can be expedited for quicker return. Normal repair takes ten working days and expedited repairs take three. Actual repair time is subject to availability of repair parts. If repair is not required, a nominal checkout fee is charged.

When sent in for repair, all assemblies are brought up to the current manufacturing revision level before checkout starts. Full production tests are run after repairs or checkout are complete. Production includes calibrations and SelfCal if appropriate to verify proper operation. Details about the Reedholm Returned Material Authorization (RMA) policy are in support form PG0005F1 to the right.

For tracking purposes, an RMA number is assigned to each assembly or set of assemblies sent in for evaluation or repair. An RMA Summary report is sent with the return shipment that includes description of the failure, troubleshooting, repairs made, and recommendation to minimize future failures. If appropriate, test and/or SelfCal data is provided.

For more information,contact Reedholm support via E-mail.