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Do you want to make sure you are enabling full utilization of your Reedholm Test System?

What better way than by ensuring your team is fully trained and has comprehensive working knowledge of the equipment they use daily. Training classes empower full utilization of Reedholm systems. Hardware and software are covered in depth for those responsible for testing and system operation. Maintenance classes concentrate on calibration and identification of defective assemblies to minimize downtime.

For experienced users, training classes are an effective way to learn about the latest software version so that systems can be kept current and fully supported without having to relearn a lot of details in isolation. Classes go beyond Reedholm-specific implementation to transfer knowledge about DC testing in general. Attendees receive the latest manuals, training guides, standard lectures, and hands-on laboratory work.

Classes Offered

New users, or long-time users who want to increase effectiveness with the system, should attend one of these classes:

RDS Intranet E-Test Training Class
This class is conducted over a five-day period, and is the starting point for anyone with the primary responsibility for using Reedholm parametric test systems for process control and/or fast wafer level reliability (WLR) testing. This class is perfect for those new to the Reedholm test systems. DC system requirements are covered, along with Reedholm solutions for the test controller, programmable supplies, digital meters, switching matrix, and applications software. A variety of measurements are explored: resistors, capacitors, bipolar transistors, field effect transistors, etc. Optional elements are also covered so that students learn how systems can be extended as test requirements change.

Intranet Operations Training Class
This three-day class is focused toward engineers not having primary responsibility for the test systems, but who create original test plans and are responsible for getting the correct test results before handing the sustaining tester support over to other personnel. Training is centered around measurement concepts, performing device characterization, and producing single data point measurements test plans and probing patterns. This class is also recommended for those Reedholm Intranet users who have already attended the Intranet E-Test Training, and would like to have a refresher course on creating test plans.

RDS Intranet Measurements Training Class
This class focuses on those with the responsibility of extending the work handed off by the development engineers. The three-day class provides specific training in confirming system operation, editing/copying test plans and probing patterns, and other administrative duties. Technicians will appreciate the benefits of attending this information-filled class.

RDS E-Test Maintenance Training Class
This three-day class teaches users how to quickly isolate and replace failed assemblies, which in turn dramatically reduce system down time. Since maintenance of the system is often a user responsibility, there is an introduction to diagnostics and maintenance tools. The utility for installing newer versions of software and methods for extending the test library are also covered.

Class Registration

Classes are held from 9 am to 4 pm daily. Enrollment is based on receipt of payment, on a first-come, first-served basis.
All of our classes offer a series of lectures plus hands-on lab exercises. Our facility has a training room and a lab with dedicated test systems aimed at providing a high-quality learning environment. Class size is restricted to two students per tester so that everyone actively learns. Reedholm development and support engineers are available to handle difficult test issues and answer questions. In addition to the lectures and labs, students are shown how to access Application, Support and Technical notes plus Data Sheets and ECR's from the Reedholm website. Not least in importance, time is spent reviewing customer-specific account information (open and closed issues, feature requests, system usage details, etc.) to maximize effectiveness of the Reedholm test systems.

While attending training classes, attendees have the opportunity to experience Central Texas dining and attractions, Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Training class dates can be found on our training calendar. Dates can change and new classes can be added throughout the year. For registration, pricing, or seat availability information, contact support.

Registration Forms

The following forms can be downloaded, filled out and emailed to support or faxed to (512)869-0992.

Registration Form (PDF)
Credit Card Form (PDF)

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